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The pioneers

Meet our portfolio. All are bold. All are revolutionising the markets.
We are proud to be part of their mission:

NEX Opportunities invests in exceptional financial technology companies that are transforming markets. We partner with pioneers who are bringing new technologies, sciences, business models, and talent to capital markets technology. We are backed and fully supported by the NEX Group and operate with a global footprint.

We know the market. We know technology. And most importantly, we know people. We grow companies with care, and for the long-term. We provide a platform for extraordinary growth.

Why us

Fintech investing is a crowded space and it can be complicated to understand which investor is right for you. So here’s why we’re different:

Having led investment rounds in some of this generation’s leading financial technology companies, we’re experienced capital markets fintech investors. We’re proud to be part of each and every one’s journey.

It’s vital for us that we share the same vision of success as the companies we invest in. As a strategic investor we will be clear about why you’re strategic to us and how we think we can help you go faster.

When we make an investment we commit the time of all our senior people; you won’t find us communicating with you through an analyst you’ve never met.

The real works starts after we invest. We work hard to utilise all the assets of the NEX Group and our wider network to help our portfolio companies grow. That might be as simple as putting you in touch with our regulatory affairs or press teams for advice, or it may be tapping into our founder network to help solve a problem we’ve likely seen before. Whatever the form, collaborating with our portfolio is central to our mission. Its part of our DNA.

We understand that every minute spent fundraising is a minute not spent growing your business. We know how to move quickly, how best to tailor our support, and will always be transparent on where we are in the process.

We understand these missions take time;  we partner for the long-term.