Duco launches Duco Cube Static Control solution

LONDON – March 3, 2014 – Duco has announced the launch of Duco Cube Static Control in response to growing market needs for static data control, clean-up, workflow and reporting. Christian Nentwich, CEO of Duco comments, “We have been increasingly asked by our clients to apply Duco Cube to solve issues caused by static data mismatches across multiple systems or external resources. Much of this has come to light during recent implementations of global regulation. Problems around static data duplication, synchronisation and deterioration in quality have been building up for many years as firms have expanded and a multitude of technologies has been deployed in various parts of the business. We are already live with our first client managing static data across a large dataset of client account data and LEIs and expect this to be the first of many. With a proliferation of identifiers, trade reporting requirements and new regulations such as account segregation and portability, we expect growing demand for Duco Cube Static Control.” “As with all Duco services, Duco Cube Static Control represents a way to rapidly and cost-effectively increase control around a key area of operations without the traditional technology overhead.

Duco Cube Static Control puts a watertight lock around reference data across the trade lifecycle while avoiding a costly and risky “golden source” static data implementation. For organisations looking to consolidate and migrate to a single source, Duco Cube Static Control provides immediate control, measurement of progress as data is cleaned up and an effective migration option to the future end-state architecture,” adds Michael Marconi, CTO of Duco. For more information, please contact Patrick Thornton-Smith, Head of Sales and Marketing, on +44 (0)20 3111 9294 or

About Duco

Duco is a technology company dedicated to the financial services sector. Duco Cube is an intelligent hosted matching and reconciliation service that is agile and quick to deploy.

Duco Cube provides the infrastructure to interrogate any data type, across asset classes, with a game changing pricing structure.

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